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Post by Rose Hathaway on Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:39 am

Hello there!

Welcome to Magnolia!!!

Before I rant on about the important stuff, please let it be known that Shadoe Mayari and I talk A LOT. We made this site as a collaborative effort, and even if an admin is missing, the other still has authority. There's no huge power trip here, because we are both reasonable people.

We set up the site so that roleplays will be clean and organized. The sections are clearly labelled, and we will make sure to post a sticky in each thread to tell you what belongs where, because there are a lot of sections and I don't want any confusion.

I'll take this time now to go over some overall rules of the site, and there will be rules that apply to only one section that will be featured in that section's sticky.

Rule #1 Be cool like Kermit the Frog.
General Guide to Magnolia Kermit4

Don't be an idiot here. Be nice. Don't Spam anywhere except the Bench. Mayari and I are very lenient, and we want to have fun with you guys. We don't want to have to throw you out on the street.

Rule #2 Conflicts should be settled in PMs.
We don't want to see you calling Sally a jerk. It disturbs the site, and causes gossip and more disruption of the Kermit-cool we have going on here.
Now, this does not mean you can call someone a jerk in the Debate section because they disagree with you. Sally is not a jerk for poking hole in your argument, nor can she call you a jerk for being on the wrong side of an argument.

Rule #3 Don't be afraid to report a problem.
We will take care of it, because again, we like Kermit-cool around here. Non Kermit-cool users= bad. And don't worry about your reputation if you do report someone. We won't let you be trashed because you got Popular Danny banned.

Rule #4 Cybersex... hmmm...
Mayari and I are under 18. We don't have much experience with writing sex scenes. We do make dirty jokes, but honestly, we don't write it very often. So it gives you two options:
1)Fade to black, time skip.
This is what I usually do. Not too sure about Mayari.
2)Fade to black in the RP, time skip, and then do it in PMs.
No Fifty Shades of Grey on the forum. That's just wrong.

Rule #5 We have a special system to keep roleplays from dying and prevent spam.
Be sure to create an interest check before creating the actual roleplay. If no one shows interest in participating in your roleplay, don't bother making an In Character thread.
Also, please try to not put OOC posts in the IC threads. If it's something small and/or it's attached to an IC post, you're okay, but please do not spam the IC threads with irrelevant comments. When the interest check goes on to OOC, report it and have it moved to the Complete Interest Check Section.

Rule #6 No Mary Sues!!! If you are creating a character for a roleplay, it is recommended for the sake of all of our users that you run them through this test so people want to keep RPing with you!

Rule #7 No godmodding. Godmodding is when you take control of another person's character without their permission. It generally causes hate and discontent. Don't do it, and another option is a transcript where both parties collaborate on a big post. This gives the other roleplayer's consent, and be sure to credit it at the bottom!!!

Regarding bans and ban threats
1.) If you feel like we’re being a bit too strict, we’re just doing our jobs.
2.) We won’t intervene with your conflicts unless it gets out of hand or someone asks us to.
3.) That being said, one of us can't do any disciplinary action without the other's consent unless it's blatantly obvious that they broke a rule (Spambot, porn poster, etc.). Whenever one of us goes on a little power surge, the other is very well aware of it. Chances are, we're consulting each other as we do things. If you have any problems with that, feel free to PM either of us.
4.) Don’t add to the fire after it’s been put out. Once a conflict is solved and we all shake hands, there’s no need to bring it back up again and put the sour taste back in our mouths. That’s not cool.
5.) Keep in mind, we’re only fifteen. If you don’t think we’re doing it right, then just PM us. Don’t go off to another forum and complain about it. We can’t fix the problem if we don’t know what we’re doing wrong.

The Chatbox
All staff have the right to ban or kick you from the Chatbox. The rules are plain and simple: don't cause hate and discontent. If you do, you lose the right to the chatbox. End of story.

Admins (Colored in fuschia):
Rose Swan
Shadoe Mayari
Sole Scuro

Moderators (colored in light blue):
Creation of Pokerus

Project Managers (colored in purple)

We're really fair and easygoing people. We won't be total dictators. Have fun, don't be a schmuck, and keep an eye on problematic users.

Stay Kermit-cool, guys. Wink
Rose Hathaway
Rose Hathaway
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