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New Members! Read here!

Post by Rose Hathaway on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:05 pm


Welcome to Magnolia, I'm glad you found us!

Are you new to roleplaying? Do you not understand the site? Here are some explanations to the place.
We follow a basic three step process, and we organized the site in order of these steps.
It follows a system of:
Interest Check -> Out of Character -> In Character. It's three basic threads, but if you need help, here are descriptions.

Interest Checks: The first step to our method of roleplaying. Here you post up an idea you have for a roleplay, and you generate interest in it. It's almost like a pitch to the rest of the world. Make sure you post what genre it is based on the categories below. From here you go to the OOC section. DON'T GO ANY FURTHER THAN THIS IF YOU GET NO INTEREST.

Out of Character Discussion: Here is where you post your characters, and discuss things related to your specific roleplay. Please don't Spam this section. It'll be very bad for you. Crying or Very sad

In Character Chats: These are categorized by the amount you want in posts. Budding has no standards, Blossoming has at least a paragraph, and Tree has high standards with at least two to three paragraphs. This is the last step in your creation of a roleplay. Try to keep all OOC discussions in the OOC.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask an admin!!!


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