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Does Magnolia have enough members to begin holding contests?

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Post by Rose Hathaway on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:04 pm

This is the first ever post of the Magnolia News! Since we kept getting kinks in the newsletter, I decided this was easier, so here we go!!


  • Rose is requesting that everyone who is actually active on here create at least one full roleplay. This means it has to go into In Character. It can be a one on one if you feel you can't handle a full group roleplay. Feel free to go make an Interest Check!
  • There are lots of OOCs without posts in them. If you expressed interest in this roleplay during its interest check phase, please post a character so we can get these roleplays started soon, otherwise, it will be deleted.
  • Do you think there are enough people here to start up some contests? We're talking a writing contest and an art contest. If you think so, vote on the poll, and Mayari and I will start discussing rules and what you win.
  • Hooray! Magnolia reached its 25th member! Amazing! Remember, if you bring in five people you get an awesome user title like Mayari and I have! Tell your friends about us, post us on Facebook, Tumblr, deviantart, the like!

Interesting Things in Off Topic

  • In Roleplaying Discussion, post your theme songs for your roleplays!!
  • Up for a challenge, ladies and gentlemen? Count to 1000 in the Males vs. Females Count to 1000 forum game in the Park Bench!
  • Who is the Wolf? Cluex started up a Rabbit Doubt Game in the Park Bench! Join and find out!
  • Is the world going to end? Is the Apocalypse coming? Debate on it in the 2012 Debate thread.
  • Some of you have naked profiles! Ask Mayari in her shop if she can make you one, because they're beautiful! Don't forget to add credit to her!

Featured Interest Checks
We're going to try and feature one for each category!

(Fantasy) Gifted Orphanage by Cluex
Basically, you play a character with special abilities. May be more, but I'll have to approve it first. The powers can be anything from elemental to flying. Think of young super heros, if you want. Just teenagers/younger kids.

You are in an orphanage, controlled by cruel owners. You desire to get out. My character will be the oldest and the leader, but anything else goes. A very comfortable roleplay, without too many rules. Although, if you get out of hand, I'll have to ask you to straighten up. Please, have some boys. You are allowed more than one character.

(Fandom) Gone by Rose Swan
Imagine, you are sitting in school one day when suddenly, the teachers disappear. One split second, and the adult in front of you is gone, leaving you alone with children fourteen and under. The second they turn fifteen, they're gone too. In a snap second, your life changes for the worst.

Welcome to Perdido Beach, California, at the time of the FAYZ, AKA Fallout Alley Youth Zone. It's a dome with about a fifty mile radius that is inescapable, and to add on to that, some kids are getting odd superpowers. They say it's due to the nuclear power plant a few miles away from the town.

Slowly, the normal kids turn against those with powers as the food begins to run out, the kids are attacked by strange creatures that have obvious mutations, like flying snakes, and the gaiaphage that wants to kill them all.

Will you survive the FAYZ?

(Realistic) Kidnapped by Rose Swan
Selected at random.
Snatched from the streets while you are out walking.
Everything turns black, and you wake up in a concrete room surrounded by strangers, wearing a short and form fitting white dress and socks for girls, and white scrubs and socks for boys. There is one lightbulb hanging on the ceiling with no way to turn it off, and a large metal door as your only way in or out.
You are here to be tortured and experimented on while you are held hostage. You don't know where you are, no way to keep track of time. You have to sit and talk with the strangers, and pray for death to get you out of this hell.

(Historical) Woodstock Music Festival by Rose Swan
August 15-18, 1969.
A three day concert full of hippies and rock n roll.
Half a million people showed up to the free concert, and you are one of those lucky people. You stay til the end, and jam. Your reasons for being there and what you do there will all be different, but in the end, you will discover that not only is Woodstock a shit load of fun, but a life changing experience.

Don't forget to try and vary the category of the Interest Check you're making!!!

Featured Roleplays

  • Reaching Salvation: Post-Acer by quackers are yummylicious
    Five years ago, in 2120, a giant storm swept across the world, killing anyone over the age of eighteen. Labelled by the few that survived as the Great Storm, it destroyed life as we know it. Along with the mutations of wildlife, destroyed buildings, and destroyed lives, the Great Storm brought about one other change: Flow.
    Flow is the invisible power within everything, from animals to rocks to plants, everything has Flow. Only after the Great Storm, the remaining humans were blessed with the power to control Flow. Each person's Flow has a specialty, such as the elements, the human mind, or even bodies. The possibilities for Flow are endless. When a person uses their Flow, they glow, often a color based on their Flow (i.e., Heidi glows red since her Flow is the power to control blood), although the default color is a deep sea green.
    One year after the Great Storm, in 2121, a large tower popped up, along with adults (Thadius, Acerbus, Lillian, Anya, and Vanthus AKA The Big Five) who gave the promise of a tournament to reach utopia. The lucky survivors to stumble upon this tower, eager to restore their life to the way it once was, accepted enthusiastically, though some were suspicious.
    The tournament itself, later found to be called the Acer Tournament, lasted only a time period of two months, yet the bonds formed and broken were very strong between the contestants. With the growing dangerousness of the daily challenges, some of the remaining contestants revolted, joining the side of Shima, one of the adults who had apparently been banished from the Big Five. Soon afterwards, the few contestants that hadn't betrayed the Big Five or were killed escaped from the tower, bringing a rather neutral end to the horrors of the Acer Tournament with the deaths of both the Big Five and Shima.
    The story takes place in the year 2126, five years after the horrific Acer Tournament, as now most of the contestants have reached the magical age of eighteen, when their Flow gets a huge boost of power. Something starts bringing them slowly together, their Flows are starting to become uncontrollable. Fears and predictions of the next Great Storm are threatening to overpower the little government that has surfaced and tear apart the small lives each of the survivors of the Great Storm have created for themselves.
  • Eagle's Landing by shadoe mayari
    Alston High School's Student Council is rather...eccentric. They were chosen mostly based off popularity, except for the Blue Seat, which is taken by the person with the highest GPA. And they never get anything done.
    But still, it's fun to watch them try to do work, fight with each other, get blackmailed by the Journalism Club, etc.

  • Chiasma is making something new for Magnolia: A Statistical Roleplay! We can't wait to see what happens with this, because this may pose for something new to come to Magnolia!

Stay Kermit Cool, everyone!
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