(Fandom) Puella Magi ~ Magic World

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(Fandom) Puella Magi ~ Magic World

Post by The Kakuzato on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:45 pm

Well, I have already gotten the SU thread done for this since I have it on another forum. So yeah, don't sign up yet, just checking to see who's interested. The world in this series is really weird, so if you have questions, just ask me ~

Puella Magi ~ Magic World

Introduction to Puella Magi

Puella Magi. Unknown protectors of the mortal and spiritual world we live in. Purgers of the evils that permeate the will of man from the depths of an unkown darkness. The Puella Magi are the unsung heroes, vanquishing what some would call "demons," but what they simply call "witches."

In our modern world, more exists than meets the untrained eye of the average human. Strange things that control the thoughts of man, or have the ability to devastate humanity, not only exist, but interject into our everyday lives like anything else we know. These dark, misunderstood things take an unknown precedent in life.

Throughout history, there have been individuals that overcome these evils, through means unknown to the average person. These people, all women, were considered gods, half-gods, prophets, oracles, or otherwise divine. These young girls still exist, but are not as revered due to ignorance of the evils they defeat.

Now, you too will be given the chance to destroy these legions of evil. All you have to do is make the wish. Are you willing to perhaps give up your life for a single desire?

How stuff works:

The Puella Magi are young girls who have been chosen by a race of pact-makers to defeat evil beings known as "witches." These girls, when their pact is made, are granted a single wish. After this wish is granted, they are given a gem known simply as a "Soul Gem." These Soul Gems are the new containers for their souls, while their bodies simply become a vehicle to vanquish their enemies with.

Upon becoming Puella Magi, the girls are given the ability to use magic, but with a price. As they use magic, their Soul Gem becomes corrupted, its glorious colored shine becoming a dull black. As the Gem becomes more and more corrupted, it eventually cracks, the girl's soul disappearing. As the Soul Gem shatters, the girl's magic breaks loose, turning her souless body into a witch. This vicious cycle has continued for these thousands of years the pactmakers have been making the puella magi, and seems to be unstoppable.

Witches, upon creation, are in a period of "incubation" for a time directly related to their strength. The stronger the witch, the longer it takes for it to gether its full power. During this time, the Puella Magi can defeat it far more easily, if they can reach it. Each which creates a barrier that takes the puella magi and anyone accompanying them into a strange, surreal, and dangerous world called a labyrinth. These labyrinth portray not only the area around the barrier, but also the witches personality as one ventures deeper. Witches can be found with the soul gems; when there is a witch nearby, the soul gem will react almost like a radar, the pulse of light it gives getting stronger as the puella magi gets closer to the witch.

Another creature that is created with the witch is a familiar. These creatures are helpers to the witches, and will turn into witches once they are mature enough, thus starting yet another vicious cycle which the Puella Magi must overcome.

The two vicious cycles are intertwined by a small object known as a grief seed. These strange items are the hollowed out soul gems that a witch will drop once it is defeated. Each grief seed can be used to "purify" corrupted Soul Gems in an amount determined by the strength of the witch that was defeated, and the amount of corruption that is needed to be purified. What intertwines these items to the vicious circles is that familiars do not drop Grief Seeds, thus essentially "wasting" magic if chosen to be defeated.

So the question is begged. Will you choose to benefit humanity and defeat these familiars, or will you hunt only the witches, benefiting only yourself in this deadly game?

Specific Info:

The big city lights reveal all but the deep, dark secrets of a person's soul...

Now, in this roleplay, all of the action, etc. will be taking place in the megalopolis area of the eastern seaboard of the United States. That is, the area in and around Net York City, where all those large cities from Washington, D.C. down all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. The pactmaker that watches over this area goes by the name of Hachibey; a strange, fox-like creature with large, drooping ears that communicates with telepathy. His expressionless face and his white color give off a sense of innocence, and, to others, a sense of utmost treachery...


A few rules for signing up to this thing. First, you must have a female character. Well, unless you wanna be left out of the action and be a completely helpless citizen. Second, your character's wish must effect their magical powers in some way, being related whether it is obvious or simply in concept. Now, if you wish to have your character have her wish granted within the roleplay, under the wish, magic style, Puella Magi Appearance, Soul Gem, and weapon sections, put in "to be revealed" or "TBR." Thanks ~

(I will put "gender" in the SU to test you)


[b]Age:[/b] (No more than 18, no less than 11)
[b]Background:[/b] (Before wish. Not required, but wanted.  So unless you really can't think of anything, fill this out.)

[b]Wish:[/b] (The wish that the pactmaker granted.  Please be detailed)
[b]Puella Magi Appearance:[/b] (Essentially, a "battle appearance" that your character takes after going through henshin(A magical transformation involving (usually) fancy clothes and stuff))
[b]Magic Style:[/b] (The aspects other than the assumed powers that a puella magi has(things like general healing, increased agility and strength, etc.)
[b]Soul Gem:[/b] (Style and color of the Soul Gem)
[b]Magic Equipment:[/b] (The equipment that your puella magi has once going through henshin.  This can be anything really.  From medieval weapons to guns and stuff)

(anime can be watched here if needed)
(wiki can be read here)

Example SU in next post.
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