Like Father like Daughter~Tyler and Emiko

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Like Father like Daughter~Tyler and Emiko Empty Like Father like Daughter~Tyler and Emiko

Post by Tyler_Night on Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:33 am

Tyler is a single father to a 15 year old daughter, at 19 he fell in love and at 20 he was married. Within the year he was a new father, 24 he was divorced and sole provider for a 4 year old daughter. Life was tough but it was good, years pass the father and daughter stay close and the daughter grows strong.

"Hey Amelie, you coming? I am rolling the dice right now." Tyler is sitting at a large square table with a game board on it, he tosses a D20 and rolls a 14, he grabs out a deck of cards. He pulls out a card and sets it down on the board. He grabs two more dice and rolls them, they both land on 2. He sets down 2 cards from another deck the first card is an Axe, the second card is a Bronze shield. He looks in the rules book and scraps all three cards and sets out a bronze warrior black dragon card. The card reads "This dragon can only enter the game when you have a black dragon equipped with a bronze shield and a bladed weapon. The dragons stats read Hp 120 Mp 120 Attack 120 Guard 120 Agility 120 Intelligence 120. He grabs a third deck shuffling it setting it in the center of the board. "I have gone you can play when you are done."

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