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Post by Rose Hathaway on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:23 am

Thing 1

In light of receent event on the site, I wish to apologize for my behavior during the events. It was immature and stupid. It's not way for an admin to act and I apologize. I hope that you all will come to forgive me and forget this ever happened.

Also, I wish to apologize to Suvi. I'm sorry I signed your name on something without your permission, and I apologize for reacting so strongly to your message. I should have listened, in fact I shouldn't have even posted that message.

Thing 2

Now, on to a more happy note, I've rearranged the site. It's now set up according to skill level. I believe this is better for the site due to several complaints of post length and speed. This way, people know what standards they're looking for and can easily receive people with said standards and appreciate their roleplay even more. Have fun with it!

Thing 3

We'd like to welcome blackoutEquinox as our new moderator! Congratulations! Enjoy your time on staff here!

Leave your feedback and comments in the thread. Have a nice day!

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