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Post by Rose Hathaway on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:12 am

You're going to miss me again, because I'm only here for a couple of days while I'm in a hotel. XD

Anways, Mayari said I was making two, which I lied about. I have more up my sleeve. lol!

So yeah, I'm counting on you guys to advertise and bring people here!!! It's important!!! Remember that challenge we told you about in the newsletter? About the cool user title? Well, you get that if you get five referrals! You have to tell them before they join to mention you in their intro thread otherwise you will not receive credit.

Otherwise, make interest checks. Don't just join, use your own ideas too! And take the time to explore other levels too, like advanced! I just started an interest check there, so feel free to join!

One more thing: the newsletter.
I told Mayari when we discussed the newsletter that we will not feature any of our own roleplays for the featured stuff. We have egos, but we're trying to encourage you to join and make roleplays, and honking our own roleplays would defeat the purpose. However, I will receive nominations via PM of our own interest
checks or roleplays. If you love our roleplays and want people to join, shoot me a PM. It will require a second from another user that isn't an admin. So yeah. Also, please don't block the newsletter in your settings. It has more detailed news.


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