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Post by Rose Hathaway on Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:57 pm

The sun was slowly rising over the city of Odir. The light cast shadows on the charred and destroyed buildings of the city, giving the feeling to a visitor of the city that a bomb had been dropped on the city and all of the residents had died in the explosion. Except a bomb had not been dropped on the city, and any living resident was cooped up in their homes, cowering in fear of the people who wandered around outside. Once in a while, you'll find a person with a bleak face, or an angry face. Very rarely would you find a human with a kind face, a human that meant well for someone. Those people were dead or scared and inside their homes, fearful for their lives and remembering the times that Odir was a good place, a place where humans lived peacefully and lived their lives in the bustling streets. Odir used to be a shining capital city that was a utopia of creativity and innovention. It was a great place to live back in the old days, where humans could work, play, and learn. But all good things must come to an end. Everything changed for the worse, and nothing would ever be the same again. All because of The Plague. Most people call it The Plague, or The Shivering Plague, or The Red Plague, or The Plague from Hell. But a rose by any other name is still just as lethal.

It all started with a man. No one remembers his name, and those who did are all dead now. Most people call him Patient Zero. He had come down with some form of disease that caused him to violently cough up blood, sweat constantly despite the feeling of being freezing cold, no energy, have an extemely high fever, and violent fits of shivering that looked like seizures, but weren't. He was in the hospital for weeks, and nothing the doctors gave him made him any better. Eventually, his organs failed, and with one last violent cough, the man died. The doctors who had been treating him, as well as the nurses, and his family, all came down with the disease, and died in the same way. Except one. This woman was the first survivor, and for a while she seemed like she would go back to normal. But she didn't. She was left with bloodred irises, irises that were unnatural and scary, and went insane, and she was the first Crazy. The Plague spread like wildfire, killing everyone in its path with a 1:5 chance of survival. It killed the President. It killed most of Congress. It killed millions of people, leaving behind thousands of Crazies, all with the same red eyes.

After the death of the President, no one saw a need to elect a new one. Everything was going to hell in a handbasket. They had no money since they threw most of it at funding an army of scientists and doctors to research a cure, only to have them all be killed by the disease. The government curled up and died, leaving Odir in a state of anarchy. The Crazies grew restless, and began wanting to take over the Presidential Seat, feeling that just because they were survivors they were being persecuted by the sick and uninfected. Political unrest ensued from there. The Crazies began holding riots, and vandalized a few buildings. They attacked the sick and uninfected when they came on the streets. It wasn't a safe place anymore. No one would go out without fearing for their lives. They began to pray for the madness to end, for the disease to stop, for the Crazies to return to normal.

Help finally came at sunrise one morning. A flock of Angels descended from the sky, arriving at Odir to help the healthy heal the sick, and help the Crazies calm down. They formed an Asylum for the Crazies, and locked the ones who had been causing trouble away in there to be assisted by other Angels. For a time, peace was restored. At least, until the Crazies rebelled. The rebellion was a night of even worse hell than The Plague. They broke out of the Asylum, and began smashing windows and burning buildings. They killed every Angel they found on the spot. Hundreds of people were killed, trapped inside their burning homes. It lasted for two days until the sky opened up and it began to rain, and the Crazies calmed down. But everyone was still terrified, and the Crazies still held riots. The remaining Angels began to carry weapons for their own safety, and their new job of policing the Crazies was harder with diminished numbers and increasing strength of the opposition......

You may play an Angel or a human. If you are human, you can be Infected or Uninfected. More details will be added into the OOC. If you're interested, post! Cat Smile

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Post by CodastertheDisaster on Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:37 pm

Ooh shiny. Something I'm actually interested in highly.

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