(Tree, Superhero parody) The Orb of Dominion

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(Tree, Superhero parody) The Orb of Dominion Empty (Tree, Superhero parody) The Orb of Dominion

Post by EmikoTsune on Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:50 am

Hi. I'm back with a new idea for a superhero rp.

Urban myth holds that in the most secluded place of the suburban area of Asteria City, there is a treasure trove of power called The Orb. It is essentially that. An Orb that grants its owner immortality and all those cliche perks of the McGuffin item of power. It's been there for who knows how long, and still many people struggle to figure out its whereabouts.
There is a team of superheros who are considered to have become the center of action on this quest. While there are many others who seek the Orb, this particular team is special because each member holds an unconventional power for a superhero. Thus, they have devised creative uses for their powers, and in that way, have gained the attention of many. Among their audience stands a secret network of thieves and villains out to con all the superheroes involved with the Orb seeking into leading them to it. Will our heroes be able to find out when they're being taken advantage before it's too late?

In this context, superheroes are basically people with supernatural powers. They need not have a secret identity or special outfit, they just have to stand for justice to count as a superhero. Supervillains need not have costumes or secret identifies as well; they are usually con artists and criminals.

If there's any question, please ask to develop this idea further.

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