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Stay Safe Everyone Empty Stay Safe Everyone

Post by Sole on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:36 pm

Hey there everyone,

If any of you are along the East Coast like myself and Rose, take care. Stock up on water if you're not connected to a municipal system and expect a water outage, keep your basements clear if they are prone to flooding (make sure your natural gas pilot flames are off before the water puts them out if it gets to that), and just generally stay safe.

This bitch is about to hit Connecticut and I ordered two large pizzas and a small. I have some reading to do, and if the power goes out I get to read by candle light. Might pick up Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained. Or if I have power I'll be playing the rest of Mass Effect 1.

Be careful everyone in this bitch's path. New Jersey is getting fucked in the ass with an inverted rape condom that has glass dust for lubrication. If you're not in danger of this bitch storm as it looks for Dirty Dan, you're all lucky bastards and I can't wait until tornado and earthquake seasons. Wish us luck though, seriously, because if I lose power I won't have it back for up to ten days.

Ollies outtie,


I am always watching.

Stay Safe Everyone 0PFWz
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Stay Safe Everyone Empty Re: Stay Safe Everyone

Post by Rose Hathaway on Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:53 pm

Yes, Sole is right. If you've been asked to evacuate GET OUT OF THERE. If I here of any deaths I'm going to make you regenerate or drag you to a quest bed where I will make you live again and then I will slap you because you're dumb and I want you to be safe. All threats aside, stay inside. It knocked over a crane. Come on.

Good luck to all of you


Stay Safe Everyone RoseSwan

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