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Post by Shadoe Mayari on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:04 pm

There exists a tiny village in a vast forest, at the base of towering mountain. The villagers were kind, hard-working people, separated from the rest of the world by these natural barriers. They weren’t nearly as advanced as the world outside of the forest, but they had what they needed to support themselves, and that’s what they were mostly concerned about. There were no disputes over land or property; everyone was content with what they had. It was a quiet, peaceful little village.

Then, one day, night came.

It wasn’t a regular night. The full moon laid frozen in the middle of the sky, covered by a light veil of clouds. Crops and trees stopped growing. Water stopped flowing. People who fell asleep that night have yet to wake up. Not a sound could be heard from the quiet little village.

Except from the night dwellers. Those who oh so happened to be awake when it stopped. Those who suffered from insomnia now possessed the energy of a thousand suns. They stood alone in the quiet little village, underneath the moonlight.

They had all the time in the world.


Civilization separated from the rest of the world? Check.
Frozen in time? Check.
Creatures of the night? Check.
Insomniacs? Check.
Giant mechas? Lolno.

Yeah, you can probably guess what will happen (or what should happen). Yeah.

Wahyu (Blossoming Adventure) Sigpractice_by_shadoemayari-d5e0mdj
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Wahyu (Blossoming Adventure) Empty Re: Wahyu (Blossoming Adventure)

Post by quackers are yummylicious on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:09 am

quackers are yummylicious
quackers are yummylicious
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