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A little guide on Karma Empty A little guide on Karma

Post by Shadoe Mayari on Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:30 pm

What is Karma?
Some of you may have noticed that, underneath a user's avatar is a little thing called "Karma" (previously known as Reputation). Essentially, you can upvote or downvote a user's post and their Karma will be affected accordingly.

You can vote on a user's post by clicking on either the the plus(+) or minus(-) sign on the top right corner of their post. You may only vote five times a day, and there is a five minute delay between voting (in order to prevent spam).

If you downvote anyone's post, please tell someone from the staff (probably me or Rose, since we're on more often, or tell us on the Skype group-include the word "karma" in it so we can actually see it). If we believe that the downvote was unnecessary or unfair, we'll probably give their karma back. But if you unfairly downvote too much in a short period of time, there is a possibility of disciplinary action (we don't like trolls). Of course, we have yet to do that, so this rule may change.

All votes are anonymous, and you may only vote on a post once (and you can't change it). Also, you can't vote on your own posts, so yeah. Oh, and once you've voted five times in a day, you can still vote, but it won't count.

(Due to certain people not knowing carp about the Karma system, there ya go.)

A little guide on Karma Sigpractice_by_shadoemayari-d5e0mdj
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