Gifted Orphanage

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Gifted Orphanage

Post by Cluex on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:47 am

These use to be a guilty pleasure of mine, and it'd be nice to do one again.

Basically, you play a character with special abilities. May be more, but I'll have to approve it first. The powers can be anything from elemental to flying. Think of young super heros, if you want. Just teenagers/younger kids.

You are in an orphanage, controlled by cruel owners. You desire to get out. My character will be the oldest and the leader, but anything else goes. A very comfortable roleplay, without too many rules. Although, if you get out of hand, I'll have to ask you to straighten up. Please, have some boys. You are allowed more than one character.

Also, no one-liners. Atleast a paragraph or two per post (5-10 sentences).

If you're interested, post a Character Sheet:

My Character:

Name: Amanda Rayne
Age: 17
Ability: She can heal minor wounds and can also manipulate fire. These are not fully developed.
Biography: She was put into the orphanage at the age of 7, after her parents left her in the playground and never returned. Her home life, before her placement, was a very dysfunctional one, but not an unhappy one. Amanda's parents didn't have much money and that is what caused her to be placed in the orphanage. At the age of 8, Amanda discovered that she had a small healing ability when she fell and busted open her head. The orphanage owners refused to take her to a hospital, and miraculously, her head was healed only a day later. As she grew older, she began to use her ability to heal minor cuts and bruises on the other children. Nothing major, just things like painful papercuts and such. At the age of 10, Amanda learned of her ability to manipulate fire, when the kitchen caught on fire. Within seconds, she managed to have the fire down to a containable size without doing anything. She has slowly been developing this more.
Personality: She is a very caring person, who doesn't like to see others mistreated. Because of this, she often fights with the orphanage owners and puts herself into trouble instead of the younger children. Amanda has a very large heart, but doesn't trust others too easily. Others often see her as weak (so does she at times), but she is stronger than most can imagine.
Likes: Children, Telling Stories, Care-taking
Dislikes: Abuse and Neglect, Spiders, and the Cold

Feel free to ask me questions.


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Re: Gifted Orphanage

Post by Rose Hathaway on Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:12 am

I'm in. I'll make a character later.


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