(Realistic) A Cross Country Contest

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(Realistic) A Cross Country Contest

Post by Rose Hathaway on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:30 pm


You have been selected to participate in a coast to coast race to a million dollars! You will start in New York City, and you will end in Seattle, Washington. There are several checkpoints to stop at, and there are challenges you must complete at each checkpoint. You do not have a map, or a GPS. You have a phone that can only call 911 and receive text messages from the contest managers, a $1000 gas card, and a sedan. There is no time limit, you are only supposed to get to each checkpoint and get to the finish line first.

You will be in teams of two, to be determined in the OOC. Extra notes will be added as well in the OOC.

Interested? Post!


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