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Post by Sole on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:08 pm

Alrighty folks, it's that time of the year. Anyone of any cultural background tends to have some sort of celebration around the Winter Solstice. We celebrate like any human being does: We gorge ourselves like fat Americans in delicacies of our choosing (well, our parents' if you're still living with them) and usually spend time with the family. Whether your family is big or small (mine's pretty huge you can't even imagine it) this time of the year is pretty special to us, each individually.

Although I've only made 61 posts on here, making me pretty new to you guys, and SOMEHOW became a part of your admin team (Rose<3), I can surely say that the community of this site if pretty tight knitted, which is good. I haven't seen that before, trust. So on behalf on the Admin team, Moderating staff and the Project + Contest Managers, I wish you all happy holidays. Be safe, try not to get drunk or else I'll upload the video of you doing stupid crap to YouTube, and thank you for keeping the community pretty positive around here. Stuff your face in like the inner fatass you are (I sure as hell will be) and enjoy the time you'll be spending with whoever you're going to be celebrating with.

In other news, as you've all may or may not noticed the entire new addition to the forum called Galamion. Unless you refuse to scroll down on the home page ever because you're a hermit that lives in The Graveyard. Galamion is the entire staff of Magnolia's new roleplaying initiative. We want all of you to join in with us the staff as we tackle on this persistent world setting. There are a few RPs already jump started to life (check it) and they are really rad. Totally worth the read if you're not interested in writing in Galamion (which you totally should be writing there because it's so awesome). For Interest Checks on aspiring RPs, you can check those out here. For Information on this growing world, check out the Information subforum.

Enjoy your holiday and keep safe,
Magnolia Staff

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